Fully Automatic Plastic Shoe Cover Machine

Performance And Characterstics

1. Automatic Cycled Control.

2. Ultrasonic Welding.

3. Electric Wheel Automatic Clutch(When machine stop, it will be separation, when machine operation,it will be closed).

4. If Rubber Break, the machine will stop automatically.

5. Easy to operate by one person.

6. High output and low labor consumption.

7. High speed and long working hour.

8. Speed can be adjusted according to your practical need.

9. Adopt the most advanced ultrasonic welding technology

Technical Parameters Of Machine

Power Source 220V, 1P
Input Power 3KW
Speed 90-120 Pcs/Min
Shoe Cover Size 400mm L*(140-160)mm W
Machine Dimension ( L x W x H ) 1500 x 1450 x 1750 MM
Weight 750 KG